Become a Host Family

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  • Where do participants come from?

    IFYE program participants come to the U.S. from Europe, Latin America, Asia, South America, and the Pacific.

  • What do IFYEs do?

    IFYE stresses family living as the heart of the learning experience, offering young people the chance to experience other cultures through personal involvement in the homes, schools, and communities of their host countries. IFYEs are expected to join in almost all aspects of U.S. family life - sharing quiet moments, as well as taking on household and family chores, celebrating birthdays and holidays, enjoying family vacations, and participating in community activities.

  • What will I have to provide as a host family?

    Room and board, love and understanding, care, and guidance.

  • How long would an IFYE stay with my family?

    Approximately three to four weeks in your home; a lifetime in your memories

  • What do host families do?

    Host families play a unique role in helping participants discover daily life in a new country. They welcome the IFYE into their homes as a member of the family, rather than as a guest or tourist. In turn, the IFYE shares in most daily activities, just as a natural son or daughter. 家庭有责任通过关心和正常的支持,让他们的孩子了解美国文化, understanding family. Host families provide affection, meals, a bed, and more - just as they would for their own family members.

  • Must I have children of my own to be a host family?

    No. Host families are of all sizes and backgrounds. Families with young children at home, grown children, and no children have all hosted international youth successfully. The most important qualification is a love of young people.

  • What expenses will I have to pay?

    Host families are expected to pay only for food and housing. The young person will bring their own money for incidental expenses.

  • Will we be paid?

    Families who volunteer to host exchangees receive no compensation. 我们认为,把这种关系建立在收费服务的基础上,会损害体验的质量,并对项目的基本目标产生不利影响. Families are not selected on the basis of wealth, 而是关心他人的能力,以及他们展示和分享成就我们国家的品质的能力. Just as importantly, IFYEs are selected for their desire to participate in a family living situation.

  • What do we get out of this?

    Your family gains while giving. For U.S. families, 该项目提供了一个机会,接待一个国际青年,并看着这个人和整个家庭成长,了解和敏感的另一种文化. 对任何一个愿意接受这个机会的家庭来说,向一个十大网赌正规网址参与者敞开心扉是一种启发性和有益的经验. You not only share your way of life but you learn about another.

  • How may my family become a host family?

    If your family is interested in becoming a host family. IFYE Association of the USA, Inc. National IFYE Program Director to find information about the IFYE host program.